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Float Valley

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Float Valley

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Where Ancient Knowledge Meets Innovative Technology

Float Valley

Offering Float (Sensory Deprivation) Cabins, Traditional Sauna, Ice Bath, Infrared Sauna, Yoga & Breathwork Classes, Ozone Sauna, Massage, IV Therapy, Red Light and Hypnagogic Light Therapy

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Float Therapy

Freed from the constant stress of gravity and external stimulation, the float tank allows you to completely relax your body and mind while floating in 800lbs of Epsom salt. This reduced sensory environment has been researched by neuroscientists for its overwhelmingly positive effects on stress, anxiety, and pain. There is nothing like the complete stillness of floating!

Fire and ice therapy, incorporating ice baths and sauna sessions, harnesses the contrasting effects of cold and heat to promote healing and provide relief. Ice baths, a form of cold therapy known as cryotherapy, constrict blood vessels, reducing inflammation and alleviating pain. Sauna sessions, representing heat therapy, widen blood vessels, improving blood flow and facilitating the delivery of healing components. By alternating between ice baths and sauna sessions, this therapy stimulates circulation, reduces inflammation, and enhances the body’s healing process. It offers a unique and effective approach to address musculoskeletal conditions, providing both invigorating and soothing sensations.

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Infrared Sauna

Infrared sauna is a gentle, soothing and therapeutic heat that promotes total relaxation while detoxifying the entire body. Enjoy an IR Sauna session alone in Markham or with another in one of our 2 Sunlighten saunas while watching Netflix, listening to music or basking in the chromotherapy lighting.

Ozone Sauna

Our Ozone Sauna produces O3, dispersed from the neck down in the sauna chamber. Ozone is great for combating many types viruses and bacteria, strengthening the immune system, and helping muscular and arthritic tension through circulation.  The sauna uses steam to soothe and heat you. This serves to increase circulation and open your pores so that ozone is easily absorbed by the skin and into the blood stream.

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Lucia Light

The Lucia Light is patented hypnogogic strobe light system designed to utilize flickering white light and soft incandescent light to instantly and safely produce altered states of consciousness.  Without substances or special exercises, simply close your eyes, lay back and let go allowing your imagination to create a stunning visual, transcendent journey.

This Yoga and Breathwork class, incorporates intention setting, mindful movement, guided meditation, visualization, and the supportive energy of music and group connection. Through this practice, you will cultivate a profound connection with yourself, harness the transformative power of breath, and experience the healing benefits of yoga. By focusing on breathwork and yoga postures, you will deepen your self-awareness, release tension, enhance mental clarity, and foster inner peace. This class is designed to uplift your spirit, promote holistic well-being, and leave you feeling revitalized and centered.

November 2023
Nov 28
28 November 2023

Instructor: Sarah This unique and rejuvenating practice combines the gentle, meditative postures of Yin Yoga with the transformative power of sound therapy, creating a deeply healing and meditative journey for …

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Nov 29
29 November 2023

Instructor: Alia Experience a rejuvenating journey within through our restorative and sound-enhanced yoga class. Unwind as you delve into deep relaxation, allowing your body and mind to harmonize. Discover the …

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Nov 30
30 November 2023

Instructor: Sarayu Slow and focused. A practice designed to learn and strengthen while synchronizing the breath and logical flow of movement to build strength and balance in your practice. Perfect …

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Our Values


Float Valley is a place to care for both you physical and mental health. The hyperbuoyancy of a float tank releases your body from a lifetime of gravity-related stress. the tranquility of the floating experience releases your mind from the unhealthy stress of daily life - like a supercharged meditation.


Allow your mind to enter a deep state of meditation in the clear waters of our float tanks. Away from all distractions, your nervous system has space to reset and your brain has time to think freely. That's why so many top-performing athletes, artist, and professionals use floating to stay sharp.


Everybody deserves a moment of peace in their busy, constantly-connected live. Floating is 60 minutes of stress-melting solitude - have a moment to yourself in the tranquility of Float Valley. In our float tanks, not even gravity can affect you.

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