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InnerVenture, Breathwork and the Heroic Journey

🌬 Discover the Power of Breath. Transform from Within.

Embrace a journey of self-mastery and profound transformation that flows through the very essence of who you are: your breath. Breath Heroes presents an immersive 10-week program meticulously crafted for those who seek holistic, potent pathways to self-betterment, relief from life’s burdens, and spiritual evolution.

Why the Breath Heroes Program?

Every breath you take shapes your reality. The way you breathe influences your strength, confidence, sleep quality, mental clarity, and more. Yet, many of us breathe sub-optimally, often unaware of the potential that lies within.

Through this program, you will:

  • 🌟 Transform stress into strength.
  • 🌟 Replace anxiety with self-control.
  • 🌟 Shift from depression to radiant confidence.
  • 🌟 Experience enhanced sleep, digestion, energy levels, mental clarity, and emotional processing.

Program Highlights & Structure

This isn’t just a course. It’s an epic odyssey through the uncharted realms of your own being, facilitated through breath.

  • 📅 Duration: 10 weeks of transformation. Dive deep into 10 specialized modules.
  • 📖 Content: Engaging educational workshops combined with hands-on breathwork practice.
  • 🎓 Assessment: Weekly homework and in-person module tests to ensure understanding and growth.
  • 🌌 Themes: From simulating high-altitude training to embarking on journeys themed around serenity and trauma transcendence, each week offers a unique, profound experience.

(Complete module breakdown listed below.)

InnerVenture Module Breakdown:

Embark on a transformative expedition, week by week, mastering every breath and uncovering profound revelations within.

Week 1: Orientation | Functional Breathing Exam

  • Dive into the core essence of your natural breathing patterns. Identify and understand your baseline, setting the stage for the transformative weeks ahead.

Week 2: Introduction | Body Oxygen Level Test Protocols

  • Delve into advanced breathwork techniques designed to gauge and enhance your body’s oxygen utilization and carbon dioxide tolerance, crucial elements in energy, clarity, and overall vitality.

Week 3: Body Oxygen Level Test Protocols | Less Is More

  • Progress through this enlightening module that gently guides you from subtle techniques to more advanced practices, honing your breath control and efficiency.

Week 4: Body Oxygen Level Test Protocols | Simulate High Altitude Training

  • Embrace a unique opportunity to simulate high-altitude environments, fortifying your respiratory system, boosting stamina, and improving overall lung capacity.

Week 5: Morning Mastery | Activation Routines: Euphoric and Dopamine Breathing

  • Awaken each day with intention and clarity. This module introduces morning routines that will invigorate your senses, tapping into the body’s natural euphoric and dopamine production through breath.

Week 6: Morning Mastery | Activation Routines: Holotropic and Deep Belly Breathing

  • Deepen your morning rituals with transformative techniques. From the expansive realms of Holotropic breathwork to the grounding force of deep belly breathing, begin each day with profound self-awareness.

Week 7: Regenerative Breathwork | Journey Theme: “The Best Sleep of Your Life”

  • As twilight descends, harness the power of breath to drift into a state of restful rejuvenation. Explore methods to enhance sleep quality and restore your body’s natural rhythms.

Week 8: Transformational Breathwork | Journey Theme: “Acceptance and Resistance”

  • Venture into a transformative session, addressing inner conflicts and barriers. Through the ebb and flow of breath, learn to embrace acceptance and confront resistance, finding inner balance and peace.

Week 9: Regenerative Breathwork | Journey Theme: “Tranquil Serenity”

  • Engulf yourself in an oasis of calm and peace. This session is dedicated to nurturing the soul, using breath as a bridge to reach tranquil realms within.

Week 10: Transformational Breathwork | Journey Theme: “Transcending Trauma”

  • As the culmination of your journey, confront and transcend past traumas and pains. Using advanced breathwork techniques, rediscover and reclaim your power, paving a path of healing and new beginnings.

With each week’s module, you’ll not only learn but deeply experience the profound effects of focused breathwork. This isn’t just about knowledge; it’s about transformation.

Your Guide: Noah Long

Founder of Breath Heroes, Noah Long, is not just an instructor but a beacon of guidance. With a passionate dedication to inspiring conscious realization, Noah ensures each session is an enlightening experience, ushering in transformative moments and invaluable insights.

What Our Champions Say:

  • “The bodywork the teachers provided during the journey was amazing. It’s like they knew exactly where I was holding tension and needed support.
  • How wonderful to focus on the breath for two hours. This session gives a lot of body information and breath practice. I really appreciated the concentrated information and practice.
  • The breathwork with Noah was totally immersive. I felt like I was traveling through different parts of myself guided by the vivid sound and audio descriptions. I had never done breathwork like that before!
  • I thoroughly enjoyed this session, the beginning of a beautiful breathwork journey. Informative, welcoming, and worth it! Everyone should see what they’re missing.

Join the Revolution

Earlybird Price: $616+HST (CDN) – a steal at just $44 CDN per in-class hour.

General Price: $770+HST (CDN) – equating to $55 CDN per in-class hour.

Program Dates: Beginning on Thursday, October 19th. Join the community of breath enthusiasts and embark on a 10-week journey that promises enlightenment and transformation.

(Enrollment details and program hiatus specifics listed below)

Enrollment Details & Program Hiatus Specifics

Joining the Breath Heroes Program:

  1. Earlybird Special: Secure your spot by October 5th, and enjoy the program at the discounted rate of $616+HST (CDN), which translates to just $44 CDN per in-class hour.
  2. General Enrollment: Missed the Earlybird? No worries! Enroll at the standard rate of $770+HST (CDN), which breaks down to $55 CDN per in-class hour.
  3. Start Date: Mark your calendar for Thursday, October 19th! This is when our transformative adventure begins. Dive deep each week, immersing yourself in each module’s unique experience.
  4. Time Commitment:
    • Weeks 1-6: Every Thursday, 6:30-7:30pm.
    • Weeks 7-10: Every Thursday, 6:30-8:30pm.

Program Hiatus Specifics:

InnerVenture: Breathwork and the Heroic Journey runs in cycles, giving facilitators time to process and prepare for the next cohort of students. After every 10-week cycle, there is a 2-week hiatus. This break ensures that every new cycle is fresh, engaging, and upgraded.

In essence, each program cycle spans a total of 3 months, allowing for 4 unique program runs each year. This structure ensures optimal learning, transformation, and integration of the profound lessons each module offers.

Limited Spots Available: This program is an intimate and personalized 15-student experience. Secure your spot early to guarantee your place on this heroic journey. Remember, true mastery comes not just from learning, but from taking action.

Crafted with grace, fueled by passion, and destined for greatness. The Breath Heroes program isn’t just an educational experience; it’s an odyssey of the soul. Dive deep, breathe free, and remember the hero you were born to be.

Important Notes on Course Accreditation

While InnerVenture: Breathwork and the Heroic Journey is a deeply transformative and comprehensive program, it’s essential for participants to know that currently, this is not a certification course. However, our commitment to excellence and our participants’ feedback are guiding us towards seeking formal accreditation. By the coming year, we anticipate integrating this program into recognized holistic health and coaching networks.

Our mission is to provide quality, transformative experiences for every participant. And while official accreditation is on the horizon, the value, knowledge, and personal growth you’ll gain from this journey remain unmatched.

Please ensure you understand this distinction if you’re seeking formal certifications for professional purposes.

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As we celebrate our 7th anniversary, we want to take a moment to express our deepest gratitude for your unwavering support and trust in our company.