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Enhance your next float with Acoustic Resonance Therapy (A.R.T) a fully immersive sound experience combining music and vibrations.

All of Float Valley’s Oasis Float Tanks are equipped with transducers within each tank’s sound system. These transducers allow floaters to experience fully immersive sound that combines music and vibrations with their float. Acoustic Resonance Therapy (A.R.T.) brings the healing benefits of sound into the float tank with you. This style of therapy helps to pull your body into a deeper state of relaxation by harmonizing all of the body’s systems.

A.R.T. is perfect for anyone who is new to floating, has trouble quieting the mind, or would like to try a new way of floating.

Acoustic Resonance floats are available in our Oasis float tanks for an upgrade fee of only $5+ tax per session! To enjoy an A.R.T float session, please let us know at the front desk prior to the start of your session.

You can choose from one of the below mood-based albums or you can choose your own soundtrack to play throughout your float session. (Must be available on Spotify)

c1s 3030 scaled

Ajeet Kaur’s pleasant and healing album Haseya will take you on a journey to not only heal yourself, but heal alongside the earth. (52 minutes)

Zen out with deep mediatation and spa sounds for your entire float session. (1 Hour)

are you shpongled

In the mood for psychedelic sounds? Are You Shpongled? by the English psychadelic electronic music project Shpongle will be right up your alley. (1 hour 17 minutes – please contact the front desk to book extra time if you would like to listen to the full album.)

khruangbin the universe smiles upon you cover

Feeling a little down and in need of something to lift you up? The happy sounds found in The Universe Smiles Upon You by the American trio Khruangbin will help bring you there. This album was influenced by the 1960s Thai funk niche. (39 minutes)

dark side of the moon

Who wouldn’t feel more chill after spending their float listening to Pink Floyd’s Darkside of the Moon. Mic drop. (43 minutes)

The Float Valley Membership

$29 a month gets you 29% off all services, 10% off retail and more!