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Refer a friend and both receive $10 OFF your next session

Signup Instructions

To sign up as an affiliate/referrer please do the following:

  1. Login to your account here: https://floatvalley.floathelm.com/

  2. In the “Me” section click on the button that says “Refer Friends at a Discount”

  3. Click Enroll

  4. Save your referral code or share the link provided to get $10 off your next session

  5. Code can also be given at the front desk at checkout or used in the promo code box during online checkout

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Oasis Float Tank
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ozone sauna
Ozone Sauna

The Ultimate Experience

Fully immerse yourself in the big four services that we have to offer: Float, Infrared Sauna, Ozone Sauna, and Lucia Light. This package can be done all on the same day (approximately 3.5 hours) or you can spread your experience out over different visits.

We recommend that you start your visit with a 30-minute Lucia Light where you will be taken on a transcendental meditation journey. Then follow this with the 30-minute infrared sauna which will open your body’s pores before immersing yourself in the float tank. While in your 60-minute float session, your body will absorb the magnesium in the Epsom salts allowing your whole body to melt away. This is a great time to process anything that may have come up during your Lucia Light session. Finally, you will want to end off your experience with 30-minutes in the Ozone steam sauna where your body will use O3 to improve blood flow and detoxify.

Price: $195 + HST ($20 for Ocean cabin)

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Lucia Light
Infrared Sauna
ozone saunas
Oxygen Mask Add-on for Ozone


Hot and Cold Therapy

Cold therapy is commonly used in the treatment of injury to lower inflammation and lessen pain. This practice, called cryotherapy, constricts blood vessels. This, in turn, causes muscle contractions and minimizes inflammation. However, it is essential to note that an excess of cold can lead to additional muscle tensions and spasms.

Heat therapy works by widening the blood vessels, which minimizes cramping and relieves pain in the process. When the blood flows more freely as stimulated by heat, more of the healing components of blood can reach a problem area. 

fire&iceroom floatvalley

Traditional & Ice Room

Our Traditional & Ice Room is perfect for people who love the heat and can handle the heat. This sauna is kept around 90 degrees Celsius, it can be quite intense for some but if you love the heat and are experienced this is what we would recommend. In this room we keep the ice bath at 3 degrees Celsius.

Infrared & Ice Room

Our new Infrared and Ice Room is the perfect introduction to hot & cold therapy. This is kept around 70 degrees Celsius, it is less intense than a traditional sauna and is much easier for beginners to handle the heat. It would be described as more of a soothing experience. In this room we keep the ice bath at 10 degrees Celsius. To read more about the benefits of the Infrared sauna click here.

The Float Valley Membership

$29 a month gets you 29% off all services, 10% off retail and more!