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Are float tanks hygienic?

Are you getting ready for your first float tank experience?

Do you have concerns about how hygienic these sensory deprivation tanks are? Are you worried about cleanliness or how the float experience will affect your hair and skin?

These are common questions, and we’ve got answers. Read on to learn everything you need to know. 

Are Float Tanks Hygienic?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions about the sensory deprivation tank experience. Will you be safe during your float? Will you be exposed to germs?

Let’s start with the tank itself.

The interior of each float tank is kept exceptionally clean. They contain 800-1,000 pounds of Epsom salt, which has natural antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antiviral properties.

Furthermore, our tanks are sterilized regularly. We use high-quality, effective cleaners to carefully scrub the tank and ensure that they’re safe, clean, and ready for each guest to enjoy.

Do They Change the Water in Float Tanks?

Yes! We change the water in the tanks regularly, and we also go to great lengths to disinfect the water in between uses.

The water in each tank is fully filtered 3 times in between each float. It passes through a 10-micron hot tub calibre filter, as well as a UV filter, to ensure optimal cleanliness. We add a small amount of hydrogen peroxide to the water, too, to further disinfect it. 

These processes, combined with the natural disinfectant properties of the Epsom salt, ensure that you’re always entering a tank filled with fully purified water. There’s no need to worry about germs or bacteria during your float.

Does Floating Ruin Your Hair?

Most people do not notice any lasting changes in their hair colour or texture after floating. It is recommended that you wait 48 hours after dying your hair to prevent colour loss, though.

To minimize exposure to water and salt, you can wear a swim cap during your float. Your hair will still come in contact with the water a little, but the swim cap will help to reduce the amount of water it soaks up. 

After your float, we recommend rinsing your hair with clean water (we have showers available) to remove the leftover salt.

What About My Skin?

Most of the time, our guests don’t experience any kind of skin irritation or lasting dryness after their float experience. In fact, Epsom salts may actually be soothing to those who struggle with chronic skin issues. 

What to Expect in a Sensory Deprivation Tank

Your questions about cleanliness and hair/skin safety have been addressed. You might still have questions about the general sensory deprivation tank experience, though.

The idea of floating might be intimidating at first. It’s quite simple and relaxing, though.

When you arrive for your first float, you’ll enter one of our private float rooms, step into the float tank, and lie down in the water.

During your 60-minute session, you can spend as much or as little time in the tank as you’d like. You can leave at any time if you start to feel claustrophobic.

Many people come out of their float session feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. You may notice a reduction in joint pain, too. Other float benefits include improved sleep quality and enhanced creativity. 

Schedule a Float Session Today

Now that you know more about the cleanliness of float tanks, do you feel more confident about scheduling your first customized floatation therapy appointment?

If you’re ready to experience all the health and wellness benefits that floating has to offer, contact us today at Float Valley. We’re happy to answer all of your questions and can’t wait to help you start feeling your best. 

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