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How Floating Helped Me Accept I Was Trans

This Pride, we thought we’d share a personal story from within…
Enlightenment smoothie

Right Mindfulness

Spending time in an isolation tank is a great way to practice…
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The Default Mode Network

If you’ve ever gone on a walk after a good float therapy session,…
float therapy for parents float valley

Why Floating is Great For New Parents:

With all that is required of you to be a parent, it can be draining…
love yourself

How to Learn to Love Yourself (and Others)!

Let’s talk about learning to love yourself. It’s that time…
Float Therapy and Self Improvement

Floating Your Way to a Better You

The beginning of a new year is often a time for making plans…

Floating and Creativity: Finding Inspiration in the Darkness

We tend to link creativity to expression (writing, music, art,…
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What do High-Level Athletes Know About Floating That You Don’t

Here’s a sports trivia question for all our athletically-inclined…

Floating, Meditation, and Mindfulness – Adding Tools to your Mental Toolbelt

Floating removes you from the outside world and gives your mind…

How Floating Dissolves Stress

Even without the existential malaise of living through global…