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2 Oasis Floats $99

The Oasis float tank room is our classic sensory deprivation experience with no lights on the inside*. It’s equipped with a fan for better airflow. The length and width are very similar to the Ocean float room.
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2 Ocean floats $139

The Ocean float room has much larger ceilings than the Oasis tank and two sets of controllable lights on the interior. It’s great for people who may be nervous, claustrophobic or prefer more space during their session.
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2 Hot/Cold Therapy Sessions $120

Enjoy 60 min in our fire & ice room that includes an ice bath and a traditional sauna. Doing mutiple rounds of hot and cold exposure is a technique that has been used by humans for thousands of years to assist with improving health. While this form of recovery became very niche in the past couple hundred years, there is a resurgence of proponents using hot/cold immersion for its therapeutic benefits.
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2 Lucia Light sessions $75

The Lucia Light is patented hypnogogic strobe light system designed to utilize flickering white light and soft incandescent light to instantly and safely produce altered states of consciousness.
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2 Ozone sessions $110

Ozone sauna sessions can be done as often as every 48-hours. This allows your body enough time to fully excrete toxins and replenish fluids between sessions.
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Two Person Sauna $50

Ozone Sauna has been used for centuries in many traditions all around the world to ease muscular and arthritic tension, strengthen the immune system, energize, detoxify the body and so much more
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2 Breathwork classes $55

60 - 90 min Breathwork Class tailored to you and your needs. Group or 1:1 available. Online or In-Person.
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