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Corporate Wellness at Float Valley

Transforming Teams, One Experience at a Time

Float Valley, in Markham, offers a transformative corporate retreat that combines rejuvenation with professional growth. Our diverse activities include float therapy, invigorating saunas, ice baths, light therapy, revitalizing yoga, and breathwork classes for your team. In addition to these wellness offerings, we also provide engaging business workshops, team-building exercises, and delectable farm-to-table dining experiences. Your corporate journey at Float Valley encompasses the best of wellness, and professional development, creating a holistic retreat that fosters both personal and team enrichment.

Services Offered


Embark on a serene journey with Floating, also celebrated as floatation therapy! Imagine floating in a buoyant saltwater tank, sensory deprivation guiding you into a realm of tranquility and heightened mind-body connection. The myriad of benefits include stress alleviation, pain relief, enhanced creativity, improved sleep, and a boost in athletic performance. Utilized in pain management, rehabilitation, and meditation enhancement, it’s a gateway to reducing sensory overload and discovering inner peace.

Sauna & Ice Bath

Dive into a fusion of warmth and chill with our Sauna & Ice Bath experience! This combination serves as a comprehensive wellness adventure, particularly for corporate groups aiming to amplify team dynamics and employee well-being. Experience improved team morale, sharpened problem-solving skills, and a blossoming sense of unity and camaraderie, all contributing to a harmonious and productive workplace.

Light Therapy, Ozone Sauna, Breathwork, Yoga

Illuminate your well-being with our diverse offerings! Light Therapy, Ozone Sauna, Breathwork, and Yoga – each a stepping stone to a more balanced, enlightened you, unfolding layers of physical revitalization and mental serenity.

Benefits of Corporate Wellness

Team Building

Engaging in a corporate retreat like Float Valley as a team can significantly improve team cohesion. Shared experiences such as sauna, breathwork, and team-building exercises create lasting memories and foster camaraderie. These activities promote effective communication, trust building, and collaboration, leading to better teamwork and problem-solving skills.

Mental/Physical Health

Elevate your team's well-being to new heights! The retreat at Float Valley is a haven of stress reduction, working wonders on overall well-being. Experience the formation of enduring bonds among team members that transcend the event, laying the foundation for a harmonious, vibrant, and exceptionally productive work environment!

Event Space

Float Valley’s yoga room is a versatile sanctuary, comfortably accommodating up to 15 people. Ideal for yoga sessions, breathwork, workshops, and meaningful discussions, it comes fully equipped with an audio system and all the necessary props for enriching and immersive classes.


Packages & Pricing

Please reach out to us for custom packages and pricing. 

Packages available for full or half day retreats

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