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Enhance your next float tank experience with a guided meditation played through the float tank speakers during your session. Made by floaters, for floaters.

This 30 minute audio will help you instantly relax, focus on your breathing, and completely let go the next time you hop inside the float tank. It’s perfect for anyone new to floating, meditation, or if you have a hard time quieting your mind. This guided meditation aims to restore individuals to their whole, healthy selves. It’s based on the ancient practice of yoga nidra, and has been proven successful for individuals with PTSD and similar mental challenges. This audio specifically formatted for use in the float tank.

The sensory deprivation tank is the perfect place to integrate guided meditation audio. When you float and your brain enters the Theta state, your mind becomes more open to auditory cues. The audio resonates through the tank’s fiberglass shell and puts you into a much deeper state of relaxation.

The cost to upgrade your float to a guided mediation session is only $5/session! To enjoy a guided meditation float session, please let us know at the front desk prior to the start of your session.