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It is not a coincidence, since there are none, that my son Nadeem is starting a floating clinic that centers around Theta as the theme for healing while thousands of miles away, in Dubai, I study and practice Theta Healing — an extraordinary energy-healing modality.

Theta Healing is a meditative practice done in a one-on-one session, in which the practitioner guides the client into a theta state to facilitate the removal of negative beliefs and emotional trauma which could be causing all kinds of issues in life from blocking oneself from having abundance, love and success to experiencing anxiety, phobias and physical pain.

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At Float Valley your session typically lasts an hour. Whilst in the tank your mind relaxes to a point in which it starts to produce theta brainwaves and gives you the same feeling you have just before you are about to drift off to sleep.

Once you are settled into the tank, with no distractions, your brain can stay in theta state for roughly 30–40 min. This is the state in which creativity is at its peak. Artists and other creative minds find their inspiration while in this brain wave.

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Scientists have discovered that theta brain frequencies have been found to:

a) alleviate stress and provide a long-lasting and substantial reduction in anxiety

b) facilitate deep physical relaxation and mental clarity

c) increase verbal ability and verbal performance IQ

d) synchronize both hemispheres of the brain

e) invoke vivid spontaneous mental imagery and imaginative creative thinking

f) reduce pain, promote euphoria and stimulate endorphin release.

Those of you who are familiar with Theta Healing will understand that this is the same brain state in which deep healing of the mind, body and soul can take place. Negative beliefs and emotional traumas can be released easily and effortlessly — thus the feeling of unparalleled tranquility on exiting the session.

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For more information on Theta Healing or Floating, visit www.floatvalley.com

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