Floating is an amazing experience that allows you to destress and recharge.

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What is floating?

To float, you simply enter the specialized chamber and lie down in the water. The water in each of Float Valley’s 5 float tanks contains 800 pounds of magnesium-rich Epsom salts. This dense solution allows you to float effortlessly to the top.

Our float tanks are completely light-proof, sound-proof, and odorless. You can’t feel the water because it is heated to the exact temperature of your skin. This environment puts your body into a state of profound relaxation.

Freed from the constant stress of gravity and external stimulation, the float tank allows you to completely relax your body and mind. This reduced sensory environment has been researched by neuroscientists for its overwhelmingly positive effects on stress, anxiety, and pain. There is nothing like the complete stillness of floating!



The water in the tank is fully filtered 3 times between each float using a 10 micron filter and UV filter. Also, Epsom salt is a powerful natural disinfectant.


You get your own room with a shower and change area. The door to the room is lockable from the inside and you can get in and out of the float tank and the float room as you please.

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If you’ve never been to Float Valley before then check out our orientation video before your first visit. Watch to see a tour, demonstration and orientation to floating!

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