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Floatation is a tool with a wide array of benefits. Here at Float Valley we create a specialized environment that is difficult to find anywhere else. Consider the following benefits to learn more about how Floating can assist you.


Floating is primarily a tool to help facilitate mental stillness which is an integral part of meditation. While floating most people feel like they are truly in the moment. In this state, they are awake but extremely relaxed. This is also known as the theta brainwave state or flow. Meditation has been proven to help with many things some of which include: anxiety, depression, substance abuse, memory, creativity, blood pressure, etc.


Floating research has shown that users produce much higher levels of endorphins after experiencing profound relaxation. After an hour in a sensory deprived environment many people experience much lower amounts of pain and many are able to stop using their painkillers altogether. The infrared sauna and float tank combo are a great way to reduce pain!


While floating the body automatically suppresses our flight or fight response and activates the parasympathetic nervous system which is responsive for relaxation and healing. Some of the physical effects noted during and after floating are increased endorphins, lower blood pressure, decreased stress hormones, muscular tension and anxiety.


There have been many experiments that show the linkage between floating and creativity. The relaxing effects from floating help your brain generate creative new ideas, imagery, and solutions for your work. People using the tank have reported an increase in free imagery and remote associations.


While floating many people report that they are intensely awake but extremely relaxed at the same time. This state is very useful for those that want to hone their skills through visualization techniques. Whether they are athletes preparing for competition or speakers rehearsing for a presentation the floatation environment is what they need to perform at their best. Also, it has been shown that mental rehearsal is just as powerful as physical rehearsal.


While floating in a sensory reduced environment the mind can become hyper-suggestible. With zero distractions the mind is able to make far greater use of its resources. This allows it to absorb new material much more deeply and at a greater rate with improved performance in memory and recall activities. Great for exam preparation and improving work performance.


Floating can provide overdue rest for those who find it tough to sleep or experience insomnia. The regenerative properties of floating for 60 minutes are equivalent to 4-6 hours of sleep. Floating helps eliminate chronic fatigue and is also very useful tool to recover from jetlag.


In our fast paced lives our system doesn’t really have time to take a break. The sensory deprived environment removes all stimuli to create a space that is rejuvenating and healing without the constant buzz of everyday life. Humans are well adapted for acute stress but we are not suited for chronic stressors such as pollution, fear, crime, business, social and family pressures. Floating gives us an opportunity to reset ourselves by getting away from it all.


Each float tank contains approximately 800-1000lbs of epsom salts which is also known as magnesium sulfate. During your session the magnesium is absorbed by the skin and into the muscles. This provides a range of benefits which include reduced: muscular tension, anxiety, toxins, pain and inflammation. It has been shown that magnesium is absorbed at a higher rate through the skin than when taken orally. In addition, magnesium is the second most deficient mineral in the average diet.


Without any outward distractions your attention automatically is redirected inward during your float session. Habitual thought-pattern recognition and analysis can be clearly discovered, monitored, and addressed . Various forms of mental programming/reprogramming become very powerful tools to reevaluate and change your thoughts with clarity and repetition.


Floating induces a state similar to that of a zero gravity environment. This helps decrease muscular tension and creates a better awareness of muscular imbalances.


Our brains waves can be measured like electrical signals in levels or frequencies. Theta brainwaves occur during the early stages of sleep and in deep relaxation. Scientists have found that this state offers many mind/body benefits and that floating is an easy, enjoyable way to get there. Zen meditation masters strive to achieve the theta state after years of practice. Current research shows that people who float can achieve this state much more quickly and effortlessly.


As we celebrate our 7th anniversary, we want to take a moment to express our deepest gratitude for your unwavering support and trust in our company.