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To enhance your float experience, or if you’re very claustrophobic, you may want to book your session in our larger float room – the Ocean Float Cabin (pictured below). Its tall ceilings and spacious interior make your floatation experience even more comfortable. For more details please call us at (905) 205-0859 or email us at info@floatvalley.com and we’ll be happy to answer and questions you may have.


The Ocean float room has much larger ceilings than the Oasis tank and two sets of controllable lights on the interior. It’s great for people who may be nervous, claustrophobic or prefer more space during their session.


float valley float room


The Oasis float tank is our classic sensory deprivation experience with no lights on the inside*. It’s equipped with a fan for better airflow. The length and width are very similar to the Ocean float room.

*Dim lights can be turned on in the Oasis tank prior to your session and will stay on throughout the session, this is available by request PRIOR to arriving. 

Upgrades to the Ocean cabin are $20 per 1-hour session, $20 for Explorer members, $15 for Genius members, and $10 for Guru members. Visit our store to purchase packages and memberships online.

Which Float Tank Should I Try?

Cancellations Can Be Made Up To 12 Hours Before Your Scheduled Float. Scheduled Floats That Are Missed, Or Canceled With Less Than 12 Hours Notice Will Be Charged $20 And No Shows Will Be Charged In Full Or Deducted From Your Package Or Membership Allotment). 

To Cancel An Appointment Please Call Us At (905) 205-0859.

The Float Valley Membership

$29 a month gets you 29% off all services, 10% off retail and more!