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Float Valley Love

Float Valley Love: Awakening Pleasure and Desire through the Senses

Experience this enlivening 3-hour immersion designed exclusively for couples and pairs seeking to elevate their connection and intimacy. Immerse yourselves in partner practices inspired by Tantra for a profound sensory journey.

Experience the magic of shared desires visualization practice, inviting you and your beloved to co-create together. Engage in sensate pleasure and sensory awakening practices, embracing the exploration of Tantra as a pathway to deepen intimacy in a safe and nurturing environment.

The evening will include guided breathwork, five senses journey, Tantric sensory ritual and sound healing to create harmony between you and your partner. This event invites you to surrender to the blissful dance of the senses, life force energy, and experience giving and receiving of a devotion with your partner.

No prior experience is necessary; simply bring an open heart and the desire to explore together. Seize this opportunity to secure your spot in this intimate journey of connection and joy.

Experience the following:

❣️ Tantric Breathwork

❣️ Desires Visualization Meditation

❣️Communication & Connection Practice

❣️ Sensory Pleasure Ritual

❣️ Partner Movement Flow

❣️ Sound Healing

❣️ Optional Microdose Sponsor by NooEgo 

Limited spaces available.

$255.55 per couple

Saturday, May 11th – 6:30-9:30 pm

Book any of Float Valley’s services on the day of and get $20 off your session. Call (905) 205-0859 to book.

Allow you and your partner to engage in loving, safe and enlivening exercises that fuse ancient wisdom with modern practices in the serene setting of Float Valley…

Starting January 2024, this workshop series will offer you a unique date night experience that introduces you into the realms of Tantra, Thai Yoga, breathwork, body work and teaches skills to foster relational intimacy …

This is for you if…

  • You’re brand new or experienced to couples workshops and Tantra
  • You’re seeking to deepen the layers of intimacy in your relationship
  • You’re desiring to experience a new date night experience beyond the status quo
  • You’re wanting to light a fire in your partnership and connect intimately

Float Valley Love will be a magical combination of sacred intimacy practices and the best tools for shared growth and expansion…

Facilitators, Gina & Angel provide a welcoming space for you and your partner to try new experiences and nurture your relationship.

Experiences of past participants of Gina & Angel’s couples workshops…

“Deeply nourishing, safe and loving space to connect and practice new ways of relating.”

“We felt so connected and energized!”

“Blissful. Magical. Sensual.”

Each workshop is a unique theme with the opportunity for couples and paired singles to discover and nurture the magic within your relationship.

Each workshop will include guided practices in the following


Partner breathing fosters a sense of safety and deep connection with you and your partner. You can experience enhanced relaxation, a shared sense of calm and greater understanding of each other’s emotions.


A shared meditation practice cultivates emotional intimacy, expansion and healing. In these workshops, the partner meditations focus on fostering deep states of love, gratitude, creativity, sexual energy and healing that is amplified by love.

Eye Gazing

Eye gazing is an ancient practice where two people hold a gaze in each other's eyes for an extended period of time.  This practice creates an energetic connection when eye contact can be maintained and held.  This practice is used to enhance your capability of seeing each other truly as you are, with presence, feeling seen, held and supported.

Connection and Vulnerability Practices

Practices designed to strengthen your bond through openness and vulnerability will allow you and your partner to meet each other’s hearts. This promotes trust, connection and enhanced communication. Engaging in these practices in a safe container have a profound impact on safety, depth and desire within a relationship.

Partner Stretching

Practice reading your partner's physical body and subtle energetic body, release muscle tissue holding patterns, tension, chronic pain, and relax the nervous system. Breathing and moving as one, witness your partner’s nervous system responses and help to clear blockages with Thai Yoga exercises.

Body Work

Through intentional touch, partners aim to create a present connection with each other. This heightened awareness fosters a sense of intimacy and trust. Learn how to touch each other with receptivity that can help our partner feel safe to release emotional tension held in the body.  Helping each other give and receive equally, sensually and open each other to feel more liberated and relaxed in the body.

Tantra and Energy Practices

Unlock the most sacred intimacy through the ancient wisdom of Tantra and energy practices, igniting a passionate and profound connection between you and your partner. Tantric practices explored will deepen your erotic and relational skills and welcome new realms of intimacy.

You and your partner will also experience the opportunity to….

  • Deepen and enhance communication
  • Heal together and create greater safety
  • Heighten sexual and sensual energy together
  • Grow together emotionally, spiritually, and physically through shared experiences
  • Build heightened level of intimacy and trust
  • Enjoy a new experience that brings fun and excitement to your connection

Your Guides

Gina Marie

Gina is a certified Sex & Relationship Coach, guiding high-achieving women and couples towards embodied intimacy through a somatic and Tantric lens. With a background in trauma and psychotherapy, Gina’s expertise is rooted in her 3x certification in the VITA Coaching method. Currently advancing her training in couples relationship transformation, Taoist healing methods, and partner yoga/bodywork, Gina excels in crafting spaces that foster deep connection and profound transformation.

As an experienced group facilitator and international retreat host, Gina incorporates tools from her experiences as a certified Meditation Teacher, Yoga Instructor, Breathwork Facilitator, and Sound Healer. Passionate about co-creating transformative journeys, Gina aims to connect you to your body’s wisdom, open your heart, and guide you back home to yourself. Inspired by her personal healing journey, Gina is dedicated to bringing holistic and somatic tools for healing one’s relationship to self and sexuality.


Angelica Morjaria

Angelica is a Yoga and Massage Therapist, specializing in alchemizing, liberating, and expanding consciousness through Massage, Kundalini, and Tantra Yoga. Her unique approach involves conscious touch and yogic principles to enhance deeper connection to self. With a foundation in Ashtanga/Hatha Yoga and certifications in Aerial Yoga, Reiki (Level II), Traditional Thai Massage, and Kundalini Essentials, Angelica weaves ancient teachings into her holistic approach to intimacy alchemy.

Dedicated to expanding her spiritual practice in Tantra and Kundalini Yoga, Angelica continually seeks personal growth and self-discovery. In her sessions, the focus is on supporting the nervous system in rediscovering sensation and releasing emotional blockages. By drawing from the deep well of Tantra and Kundalini Yoga, Angelica creates a space for clients to explore their own sacred journey of self-awareness and holistic well-being.


Join us for the upcoming Float Valley Love workshop on January 20, 2024.

(Future Workshops tentatively scheduled for March 23, 2024, June 1, 2024, July 27, 2024, September 28, 2024, November 23, 2024.)

Limited spaces are available, so secure your spot now and make these bi-monthly moments of connection a regular part of your journey with your partner.

Investment: $222.22 per couple

All genders are welcome.

All workshop participants receive discounts on Float Valley services for the day of the workshop to be used on the same day or on an upcoming visit.

Float Valley Love – Where Love Flows and Connections Grow!

The Float Valley Membership

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