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Energetic & Emotional Healing Experience

Combining the ancient Japanese healing techniques of Reiki or the Peruvian based technique of Shamanic Journerying with the Lucia Light. Relax, heal, and find your peak.


Reiki is a Japanese healing art form that translates as “mysterious atmosphere, miraculous sign.” It combines the Japanese words rei “soul, spirit” with ki “vital energy.” This ancient healing therapy has been taught and practiced across the world to aid people in physical and emotional trauma. 

Current research has shown that a trained reiki practitioner can activate the parasympathetic nervous system allowing the body to heal itself. In addition, reiki practitioners have demonstrated the ability to decrease pain and activate emotional releases. 

Shamanic Journeying

Shamanic journeying is a powerful medicine used to heal for centuries within native communities around the world. The offering at Float Valley is rooted in Peruvian knowledge.

Shamanic journeying involves listening to a drumbeat that guides the brain to reach theta brain waves. This state is comparable to a daydream-like state where we enter a deep relaxation on the conscious and subconscious levels. The journey invites you to use your imagination, connect with the subconscious and explore the spiritual realms.

Meet Your Healer

Aristaea is an energetic and emotional healer. Her practice started with a passion for understanding the brain’s capacity to heal itself. She focused on neuroscience for four years and earned a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. This foundational knowledge of science and brain plasticity allowed her to see how incredibly powerful our minds and bodies truly are.

Her path then led her to a wonderful opportunity to study under a Reiki Master and Neo-Shaman for 8 months in British Columbia. During this time, she learned the fundamental laws of energy, the philosophies and techniques of these healing art forms, and how to channel energy.

She is currently studying Traditional Chinese Medicine at Eight Branches Academy of Eastern Medicine and is studying Naturopathic Medicine at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. Studying and practicing medicine has been a significant part of her life for many years now.

“I look forward to meeting and providing a safe and healing space for you. “

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Reiki with Lucia Light

As an Energetic and Emotional Healer, Aristaea provides clients with; 

  • 100% confidentiality.
  • A judgment-free and compassion-filled space where you are able to express yourself exactly as you are. 
  • A space to feel heard and listened to. 
  • Resources and tools to assist you in your growth. 

Every session begins with an energy clearing and grounding meditation to bring healer and client into the present moment. After this the floor is open for you to discuss your intention for the session. 

This will be followed with a 30-minute Lucia Light combined with reiki healing. 

Throughout the session, Aristaea will channel the life force energy through the crown of her head to the heart and out through the hands. This energy is a healing intelligent consciousness that transfers to the client via light touch of her hands. The option for no touch is also available and has the same magnitude of effects on the body.

Shamanic Journey with lucia Light

The shamanic journey is divided into three parts via three different drumbeats. 

  1. The initiation/ Intention: This part is dedicated for you to bring in your intention for the session. Once you feel complete in your intention simply allow the mind to let go and observe the experience.
  2. Journey: This part is performed during a 30-minute Lucia Light and is dedicated to allowing your subconscious and spirit to explore wherever it wants to explore. Allowing any guides to make themselves present to you or simply just focus on your breath. Allowing spirit to communicate with you as gently as you would like.
  3. Coming Back: The final drumbeat is there to bring your spirit and subconscious back to the physical body. Bringing you back to your physical body and space in your own timing. 

Throughout this process, Aristaea will be there journeying with you, holding space, and providing protection and guidance. After the journey, there will be time for you to journal your experience and/or discuss your time with Aristaea. Finally, she will close the sacred space completing the experience.

Please note that all customers must complete a Reiki Experience with Aristaea before they can participate in a Shamanic Journeying Experience.

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  • 30 Min Lucia Light + Reiki – $97

The Float Valley Membership

$29 a month gets you 29% off all services, 10% off retail and more!