We are proud to announce our partnership with Mode of Operation (MO).  MO specializes in myofascial release, manual sport, cupping and trigger point therapies. MO offers a customized program designed specifically for your body, focusing on eliminating the root cause of your pain and getting you back to 100%.  At Float Valley, we LOVE combining wellness modalities AKA biohacks!  We are especially excited to have manual therapy at Float Valley as a tool to help you relax your muscles and mind, before your float or sauna sessions, allowing you to get into a much DEEPER state of relaxation.

All Float Valley clients get $20 off their first session with MO Therapy!

mo therapists

We’re very excited to meet all of you and help you along your health and fitness journeys. We are M.O. Therapy, we heal all types of pains and injuries. Everyone has their own hustle, whether you’re experiencing back pain from your desk job or you’re an athlete with an injury. Don’t let your body restrict you from reaching your full potential. – Dillon and Damian


Single Session:

1 Hour Initial Assessment + Treatment – $100

60 Minute – Following Session – $110

45 Minute – Following Session – $90

30 Minute – Following Session – $70

Float + Manual Therapy Packages (Covered by RMT Insurance)

30 Minute Manual Therapy (with RMT) + 60 Minute Oasis Float – $125

30 Minute Manual Therapy (with RMT) + 60 Minute Ocean Float – $145

Float + Manual Therapy package must be booked over the phone by calling us at (905) 205-0859