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My Float Valley Lucia Light Experience

Get ready to be embraced by the Light my friends. I’m talking about Lucia Light. Up until a week ago, I had never even heard of what this was. Float Valley has educated me with an amazing setup for this incredibly healing light. You walk into the breathwork room and are immediately immersed into a constellation experience. You lay yourself down on a yoga mat with your head on a pillow. Trés comfortable, which is key to the experience you are about to endeavor upon. Above your head is the Lucia Light unit. You put headphones on and can either play your own choice of music or one of the staff members will help you select one of their pieces of music. There are different levels of intensity to the Lucia Light. It works directly on the pineal gland in your brain to help calm you down and get a better sense of where you are at. For myself, I immediately start feeling tingling in the palms of my hands. This is your energy and electromagnetic field being activated in a very positive manner. It’s a good idea to set an intention before your treatment. Personally I love the “Waves” program. You close your eyes and allow the light to enter into your being. It starts off as white light and then begins to shift into various colours. You will see the colours red, purple, orange. It’s exciting, calming, comforting and enlightening to see what colour is coming up next. As you probably well know, the mind is an interesting place. Life truly is about mind control, however that said, in this experience, even if you have set an intention, the mind will wander. With the monkey mind dancing all over the place we find ourselves in places that we didn’t even know we needed to go. However, the light you experience here will bring you back to a place of peace.

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Here is a picture of the unit.
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It reminds me of an old episode of Star Trek with William Shatner. The people were getting hypnotized by the Light. And in that particular episode it wasn’t a positive thing, but trust me, my friends, this is an extremely healing and very positive experience. To begin, I would recommend doing a demo. Thankfully, Float Valley offers this as a service. It’s best to experiment to see if it is a good fit for you. Tonight, I finished my fourth session of Lucia Light. Prior to that, I did an ozone sauna which I will talk about in my next blog. After tonight’s ozone sauna, followed by the Lucia Light treatment, I walked out feeling like I needed a chauffeur to drive me home! I was so relaxed and felt so healed and connected to the universe and my raison d’etre. I suggest that the Lucia Light experience at Float Valley will be unique to each individual. That said, if you are looking for an experience that will bring you closer to the Divine, closer to heartfelt healing, and closer to your authentic self, then I recommend that you book an appointment as soon as possible. Be prepared to be embraced by the Light, and your Divine Purpose.

In my next blog, I am going to tell you all about the Ozone Sauna at Float Valley.

Until then this is Api Bee. Sending you off with blessings of love, beauty, and compassion. Blessings on all of you ✌🌏🕯💜🧘‍♀️

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