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My Float Valley Oasis Cabin Experience

In my last blog I noted that the owner, Nadeem Jiwani, has literally thought of every detail to make this facility the best flotation experience one could possibly want. Allow me to expand upon that before I launch into the other topic I promised to blog about – The Oasis cabin. When I say Nadeem has thought of every detail, I do mean EVERY detail!

To begin, when you call Float Valley at 905-205-0859, you have the option of pressing 0 for immediate assistance. Normally, as you well know readers, when you press 0, you typically wait on hold for the next available operator. This could be 3 minutes, 5 minutes or at times an hour or more. Not so at Float Valley. When the recording says, immediate assistance, it means immediate assistance. What awaits you dear readers is a lovely, knowledgeable, accommodating voice, every time; be it Kelsey, (the store manager), Paula (the Celtic Warrior Princess) , matters not. Whomever picks up the phone, rest assured of being greeted and taken care of promptly. Each and everyone of the staff members are uniquely evolved and in my intuitive sense, as individuals who are connected to the Divine. It’s a great comfort to be around a group of capable people who also recognize that this life is temporal, and the importance of being here, now are a keys to a more peaceful life and mindset.

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When you enter the door of Float Valley, a clean shelf of slippers awaits you. Upon exiting, you place your used slippers in a little basket by the door, and step back into your own shoes.

Further to the details are the little touches in the bathroom. First of all it is wheelchair friendly. The art on the wall are a tri-series and calming ocean paintings. It’s these little touches that make all the difference. Speaking of little touches, a couple of floats ago I had left my body brush behind in the shower. Staff member called me to tell me I had done so and that she would have it at the front desk the next time I arrived. That was last Sunday and the moment I walked in the door they had my body brush in the most adorable white paper bag. It was so cute that I had to take a picture of it – see attached. This is the kind of attention to detail that I’m talking about – The details that Nadeem has visualized and brought to life. In doing so he has attracted the best people to support his vision in a loving and welcoming manner. In my next blog I will expand upon the caring staff at Float Valley and Lucia light.

Another example of the kindness and care at Float Valley can be found in this next story.

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