NeuroSomatic Integration Therapy by Aristaea Murrell: Healing through Neuroplasticity, Somatic Techniques, and Spiritual Connection

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NeuroSomatic Integration

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The age of somatic therapy is upon us now as we better understand the connection between the nervous system, and our trauma. This practice uses neuroplastic tools such as the Lucia Light, intentional conscious control, and TCM modalities. The combination between the light therapy, intention-based frameworks, and somatic tools may have powerful healing benefits for your life.

What is NeuroSomatic Integration

Neuro meaning nerves including the central and peripheral nervous systems. The brain, spinal cord and all the nerves that run the course of our body. These pathways are working constantly to allow us to perceive and act out our lives. Our connection with our brain is the most important out of any system in the body. In this practice, the Lucia Light stimulates neural activity, causing an increase in neuroplasticity. Neuroplasticity is defined as an act or behavior that changes the makeup of our neurons. For example, learning a new skill such as playing an instrument causes an increase in action potentials within auditory, sensory, and learning centers in the brain. Thus, our neural map for these areas increases. During the session we discuss your intention, I provide guidance on how to bring in your intention on a cellular level.Then, we use the Lucia Light to activate and integrate this within your neural pathways. 

Soma means body. Without the body the nervous system would be a dead end of abundant information. The body feels all our experiences good or bad and holds this information on a cellular level. In this session we connect deeply with the insights and knowledge that the body has to tell us. For example, pain, numbness, tingling, tightness in the chest, increased heart rate, and temperature changes. All of these are indications that our body is feeling and relaying important signals. During this session I guide you inwards to listen to your body, while anchoring safety, and healing. In addition, I facilitate somatic techniques such as reiki, tuina massage, cupping, and gua sha to anchor in the body and release stagnation. 

Shen is the Chinese word for spirit. Spirit meaning the non physical components of a person that includes emotions, intuition, character and so on. Nurturing these aspects of oneself is vital for in depth healing. Calming the mind and allowing oneself to connect with your highest form elicits wisdom, guidance and insights to come through. Often these answers and messages bring peace and release in the form of emotional, energetic or physical release.

Meet Your Practitioner

Aristaea Murrell

BSc, Psychology

Graduate of Acupuncture & Moxibustion Diploma

Years of experience as a Reiki and Lucia Light Practitioner

Student of the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine

My practice began with my passion of understanding the brain’s capacity to heal itself. In a session, we work together to create harmony between the brain, the body, and the shen/spirit. The framework of my practice is derived from the PolyVagal Theory formulated by Dr. Stehpen Porges, the understandings of neuroplasticity documented by Dr. Norman Doige, the teachings of vulnerability inspired by Dr. Brene Brown, and the comprehensive medicine of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Within this session, we bring curiosity, openness, and compassion to your intention. Whether that be physical pain, emotional distress or to strengthen your connection with your higher self.

Session Includes

  • Intake and discussion
  • Grounding meditation
  • Neuroplastic tools (Lucia Light, conscious intention control)
  • Somatic therapy (tuina massage, cupping, gua sha, reiki, shamanic healing practices)
  • Resources and tools to assist you in your growth including intuitive guidance from guides and ancestors. 
  • Reflective and integrative breathwork. 


60 min 1 person Neurosomatic Integration: $129.00 + HST

60 min 2 person Neurosomatic Integration: $199.00 + HST

For more than two people inquire for bookings by emailing

For more information on how this could support you please book a 15 minute discovery call by emailing 

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