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Ozone Sauna (New at Float Valley)

From providing life to our plants, animals, and to us humans; there is no doubt that oxygen plays a crucial role in our earth’s development. But what if we told you that there is a way that we can include oxygen into your health and wellness experience?

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What is Ozone Therapy?

When an additional molecule is added to oxygen, it results in the creation of ozone (O3). Ozone has many healing and beneficial properties; especially when combined with steam. The steam from the sauna increases circulation and opens your pores so that ozone is easily absorbed by the skin and into the bloodstream. The unification of steam and ozone in a sauna chamber aids in strengthening the body’s immune system, stimulates white blood cells, detoxes the body, and many more beneficial factors that can be obtained from ozone therapy.

How Does it Work?

Our Ozone Sauna produces O3 and disperses it from the neck down in the sauna chamber. The steam allows your pores to open and as the ozone enters your bloodstream, it activates your immune system. As it stimulates your immunity, it also purifies your blood and inactivates a variety of organisms living in your body, including, viruses, bacteria, parasites, yeast, fungi and protozoa. In this day and age, with pollution levels in our air being very high, it is essential to detoxify our bodies in order to stay healthy.

Additionally, this sauna is equipped with Far Infrared technology. As the steam gently fills the sauna, infrared photons penetrate the skin to help increase blood flow and circulation. This breaks painful inflammatory cycles by dilating small blood and lymphatic vessels. The result is increased circulation, leading to accelerated healing and pain relief.

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Ozone Therapy at Float Valley

We are so excited to be able to provide ozone sauna therapy at Float Valley. We are constantly making strides in ensuring that we are providing the best and highest quality services to our visitors.

To book a session with us, or to read more on how to better prepare for ozone therapy, please visit; https://floatvalley.com/ozone-sauna/

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