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Get the best float spa experience in Toronto at Float Valley

Image source: Pexels Are you looking for a new way to relax and unwind? Have you ever thought about visiting a floating spa in Toronto? If you’re curious about floating but aren’t sure what to expect, keep reading. Explained below are the basics of floating, including a breakdown of what you’ll experience during your first …

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Ozone Sauna Pricing

OZONE SAUNA PRICING Gift Cards Ozone + Steam Sauna Single Session $69 30 Min Session Never Expires Select Plan 3 Pack Ozone + Steam Sauna VALUE PACK – $180 3 x 30 Min Sessions ($60/session) Never Expires, Shareable Select Plan Membership 2 Sauna per Month $110 10% Retail Discount Non-Shareable, Never Expires Select Plan 10 …

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Ozone Sauna

OZONE SAUNA Ozone Sauna has been used for centuries in many traditions all around the world to ease muscular and arthritic tension, strengthen the immune system, energize, detoxify the body and so much more… Find out how! Benefits Ozone Sauna can help: Increase blood circulation Stimulate antioxidant enzyme production Improve absorption of nutrients Improve skin …

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