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Meet Your Healer

Mara (she/they)

Mara has always been amazed by the magic of breath, touch and intuition. They are a curious and passionate healer who is committed to helping you realise your inner power. With the belief that we are our own healer, Mara is honoured to be a part of your healing journey.

Mara studied Western Medicine and Massage Therapy at Centennial College and Traditional Chinese Medicine at Eight Branches Academy of Eastern Medicine. Furthering their scope of knowledge , Mara is certified in Reiki and Traditional Thai Massage. With a dedication to providing enhanced care to clients, Mara is expanding their skillset to include Chi Nei Tsang which focuses on massaging the abdomen and detoxifying the organs.

In alignment with Eastern ideologies, Mara’s approach to treatment explores the root causes of illness rather than symptom based treatments. The techniques they use aim to relieve negative emotional and physical manifestations within the body. Sessions begin by gaining an understanding of your specific health concerns and goals. Mara is devoted to providing you with a calming environment to relax and fully breathe into your body

Treatment options

Thai massage

Traditional Thai Massage is an ancient practise dating over 2500 years. It is typically practised on a mat, over the clothing. The practitioner moves the patient into various stretching movements to improve mobility within the joints, decrease muscle tension and increase flexibility. Acupressure is used to promote fluidity within the energy lines (meridians) of the body. Each meridian pertains to a specific organ.

Swedish/deep tissue massage

Swedish massage typically uses oil and is performed on a table. Techniques include effleurage (gliding), kneading and tapotement (rapid chopping). The massage begins with light pressure to soften the muscles and progresses to deeper tissue. Techniques aim to increase circulation, promote relaxation and increase muscle recovery.


$90 for 60 minutes
$130 for 90 minutes


Mondays and Fridays
11am – 5pm

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As we celebrate our 7th anniversary, we want to take a moment to express our deepest gratitude for your unwavering support and trust in our company.