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Float therapy is the ultimate relaxation experience. It takes away all the interruptions and inconveniences of everyday life so you can feel completely weightless and at ease. 

After your first float at Float Valley, you’ll be hooked! 

What is water therapy in toronto?

Water therapy, float therapy, floatation therapy, sensory deprivation. Whatever you call it, the basics of this practice are the same.

Float therapy involves lying in a large tank (ours at Float Valley are 6 feet) filled with 800 pounds of Epsom salts and water that is perfectly heated to match the temperature of your skin.

Floatation therapy tanks are soundproof, light-proof, and odorless. Because the water is heated to mimic your skin’s temperature, you won’t even feel it around you.

All your senses are taken away so you can relax and unwind without any irritations.

Benefits of float therapy

Why try float therapy? Float therapy offers a whole range of health and wellness benefits, including the following:

Improved Mood

When all their distractions and disruptions are eliminated, many people find that it’s easier to get introspective and feel more optimistic about the world around them. Floating can produce a sense of euphoria, increase your well-being, and help you to feel happier. 

Reduced Anxiety

In addition to improving your mood, floating can reduce anxiety.

If you’re constantly stressed and on-edge, spending time in a Float Valley float tank is a great way to activate your parasympathetic nervous system and get into a “rest and digest” state. This lowers cortisol (a stress hormone) levels and allows you to relax. 

Reduced Pain

Float therapy can provide all-natural relief from chronic pain and soreness, too. It can speed up your recovery process and eliminate stress on your joints and muscles.

Many people who deal with chronic pain conditions, such as fibromyalgia or arthritis, find relief when they soak in a float tank.

Improved Sleep

When you’re less anxious and aren’t experiencing as much pain, you’ll likely sleep better at night. If you’re looking to improve your sleep and combat issues like insomnia, float therapy can help you relax and wind down more easily.

Improved Heart Health

Float therapy naturally boosts your magnesium levels because Epsom salt is rich in magnesium. This powerful mineral is necessary for all kinds of processes in your body, and it even improves your heart health.

Low levels of magnesium are linked to high blood pressure, irregular heart rhythms, high cholesterol, and even cardiac arrest. By soaking in a float tank, you can elevate your magnesium levels and support your cardiovascular system.

Increased Creativity

Many people feel more creative after they’ve spent time in a float tank.

Floating gets rid of distractions and helps you to tackle problems in new ways. If you’re struggling with a particular issue, water therapy may help you to come up with a solution.

Increased Productivity

Float therapy can improve your productivity, too.

After floating, you may have an easier time staying focused, resisting distractions, and getting things done at school or work. You’ll likely find that your work quality improves as well. 

Get the best floating therapy in Toronto at Float Valley


Float therapy can improve your health, bring you more clarity, and maximize your inner peace. Are you ready to schedule your first floating experience?

Float Valley is the place to go for all your floatation therapy needs. Since August 2017, we’ve proudly provided customized floatation therapy to the great people of Toronto so they can feel great inside and out.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment or to learn more about our float services in Toronto.

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