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What It’s Like to Float at Float Valley

A Float Experience with Api Bee

The moment you cross the threshold of Float Valley you are immediately engulfed in an atmosphere of Zen and cleanliness. If you are looking for a place of true healing, and relaxation then this is your Nirvana. In this blog, I will focus on the flotation cabins that Float Valley has to offer. I’ll begin with my experience in the Ocean Float Cabin.

Upon arrival for my first float at Float Valley, I was greeted by a lovely woman with a beautiful smile, Kelsey who just happens to be the manager!  She took me on a tour of the facility. Soft blue lighting lit the way. I could feel my entire body and mind relaxing with every step I took. 

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Previously, I had been at another facility for a float, and sadly the water was cold. So cold, I could not complete my hour of flotation because I had goose pimples! This is not the case at Float Valley. The moment I opened the door to the Ocean Float Cabin, my spirit soared. It was warm, very clean and enticingly inviting. The best was yet to come.

Unlike traditional floatation cabins, the Ocean Cabin is 6’ high.  The space is very generous! There are two sets of lights in this cabin.  One set of lighting is located on the ceiling of the cabin. When you begin to float and look up, these lights are similar to staring up into space and looking at the constellations.  Once you begin floating, with no gravity, your mind and body are supported by over 800 lbs of Epsom salt. 

When you are floating and staring up at the constellations above, you are transported to another world; one I am sure is akin to Nirvana and for certain is Heaven on Earth. The constellation light switches colours from blue to red to green. Magically enchanting!  There is another set of soft, ocean blue lights inside the saltwater of the tank. This lighting is equally as soothing albeit on a different level.  The lights turn out automatically after your first 15 minutes of floating. 

Typically, it takes you about that length of time to settle into your new environment. Then the real hypnosis begins.  The brain enters into a Theta state of complete relaxation.  Here, you become aware of your breath, and may even find yourself in a state that feels as though you are falling asleep, however at no time are you ever fully asleep.  You are conscious, you are flowing, you are free and you are completely relaxed.

At any time during your floatation, if you need the light, the light switches are conveniently located to the left of the door.  A simple push of one of two soft buttons will either bring back the stars above you or the soft blue ocean waters. 



Towards the end of your session, soft music will begin to play, and dimmed lights will begin to bring you back to reality. The song choice Kelsey selected was the Devi Prayer.  I have been listening to this music for many years.  A few months back, I lost all the music on my phone, and had, until that moment, completely forgotten about it.  When I arrived home, I immediately downloaded and listened to it every day.  The students I teach enjoy it in the classroom as well.

drifting tank

Alas, I digress; when the flotation is signalling its close, it is at this moment where you might find yourself saying to yourself, “Oh my, it’s almost over.” Take heart.  A glorious shower awaits you.  Each cabin comes with its own private shower where you can continue your spa experience.  The showerhead is adjustable for both pressure as well as the height of where it would be most comfortable for you. 



The owner Nadeem has literally thought of every detail to make this facility the best flotation experience one could possibly want.  In my next blog, I will discuss the attention to detail, and the other flotation cabin available…The Oasis.  



This is Api Bee signing off to go and have another float.  Until next time, live in the light!

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