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Why I Float – Part 3

“You know …there is such a thing as over training right?” This is a question I often hear from my coaches, training partners and friends. To be completely honest, most days I let my stubbornness get the best of me, train anyways and as a result I am riddled with minor injuries. In my last blog post I touched on how rest and recovery are important to athletes not only to give your body down time but to also help minimize the risk of injury while training under fatigue. Floating in a sense, forces me to rest and slow down. Although I might not get all the rest I really need during a float session, I am still able to gain other benefits of floating such as pain relief and increase levels of magnesium.

You have probably heard of athletes such as MMA Fighters or long distance runners taking Epsom salt baths after training. Intense exercise can lead to muscle cramps and body aches as magnesium levels in the body are depleted. Studies have shown that magnesium is absorbed at a higher rate through the skin than when taken orally. Essentially helping to prevent inflammation and assist in muscle regeneration.

Now imagine having an hour to float in over 800lbs of Epsom salt! This level of magnesium in the water makes it very buoyant; as such your body floats effortlessly, removing all weight and strain to your skeletal system. By allowing your body the space and time to completely relax your body then begins to release endorphins — sometimes referred to as “natures pain killers.” As your body relaxes your blood pressure reduces but blood flow and the distribution of red blood cells increases. These effects in conjunction with the release of endorphins can really help to speed up recovery from injuries by helping to flush out cortisol, lactate, adrenaline build up and reduce pain.

I lead a pretty active lifestyle and am constantly on the go. As such I am all about efficiency! If by dedicating one hour a day a few times a week to floating I can meditate, rest, get some relief from muscle pain and injuries, and increase my levels of magnesium, by literally doing nothing… why wouldn’t I? Pain relief and increased levels of magnesium are probably the top reasons why any athlete or physically active person should try floating. This is why I float.

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