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Wim Hof Workshop

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Designed for those who do better with in-person training, a Group Course has you meet up with a WHM Instructor once per week, for 5 weeks total.

Learn the Wim Hof Method hands on in the group classes, then ingrain what you’ve learned through home practice during the week. Take any questions or issues that come up over the week, into the next session. This way you get personal feedback as you go, directly from your Instructor.

This format is ideal for people who like the direct contact afforded by a workshop, combined with the consistent, repeated practice of a video course. The group dynamic is also great for people who have trouble keeping themselves accountable.

"Dan is a Coach, Breathwork Instructor and Musician who loves assisting others in expanding their perspectives and potential."
Dan Coniglio
Dan Coniglio

What you get

  • 5 Saturdays of Class
  • Theory, History and Science of the WHM
  • Breathwork
  • Cold Plunge


  • Breathing
  • Ice Bath
  • Theory


Float Valley, Highway 7, Markham, ON, Canada

INFO: Located on the corner of McCowan and Highway 7.

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